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Redstone is so much more than innovative products and timely services. It's trusted advice from people you know.

On this page you'll find a wealth of helpful information and resources to help you navigate the big changes in your life. We understand that money is only one aspect of any major life event. That's why we provide comprehensive, practical advice on many different levels—not just the financial ones.

We seek out the best information from reputable sources just for you. Whether you're planning a wedding, expecting a baby, saving for college, or planning for retirement, we're here to make sure you're prepared for whatever challenges and triumphs you experience along the way.

Travel and Vacation Planning | Redstone Federal Credit Union

Travel and Vacation Planning

Are you preparing for vacation or other travel? Here are some resources to make your trip a little less stressful.

Learn More about Renovations and Remodeling | Redstone Federal Credit Union

Renovations and Remodeling

Want an updated living space, but don't want the hassle of moving? Renovating or remodeling that space may be the answer. Got questions about where to start? We can help.

Learn More about Preparing for a Natural Disaster | Redstone Federal Credit Union

Preparing for a Natural Disaster

No one can stop a natural disaster; but we can all be prepared. Protect your family, finances, pets and property by taking steps now to create a natural disaster plan. Don’t get caught off guard.

Loss of a Job | Redstone Federal Credit Union

Loss of a Job

The loss of a job is not a life event anyone wants to go through. Here is some information to help you work through this hardship.

Divorce and Your Finances | Redstone Federal Credit Union

Divorce and Your Finances

The financial effects of divorce can be devastating and far-reaching. Find out how to lessen the blow to your finances here.

Getting Married | Redstone Federal Credit Union

Getting Married

Once you start making plans to make that partnership official, take some time to cover the financial side of the relationship.

Buying a Car | Trusted Life Advice | Redstone Federal Credit Union

Buying a Car

Looking for a great vehicle at a fair price? Drive off the lot confidently with these tips.

Planning for College | Redstone Federal Credit Union

Planning for College

It’s never too early to start planning for college. Are you wondering where to start?

Getting Your First Credit Card | Trusted Life Advice | Redstone Federal Credit Union

Getting Your First Credit Card

It's important to learn how credit cards work and how to use them wisely before opening one, so that you can build a strong foundation for your credit.

Exiting the Military | Redstone Federal Credit Union

Exiting the Military

Separating from the U.S. military and transitioning to civilian life is a complex life change. We have compiled some useful information to help you with the transition.

Starting a Business | Redstone Federal Credit Union

Starting a Business

Launching a small business is one of the most momentous and exciting moves you will ever make. These resources can help you get started.

Caring for Aging Parents | Redstone Federal Credit Union

Aging Parents

Aging is just part of life. When you become concerned about your aging parents, use this information to better prepare and make sure that they are well cared for.

Saving for the Future | Redstone Federal Credit Union

Saving for the Future

One of the longest Life Events is Saving for the Future. Why? When? How much? We'll help answer those questions.

Losing a Loved One

Surviving the Loss of a Loved One

Download our Survivors Guide to help you better navigate those financial matters facing you after losing a loved one.

Planning for Retirement | Redstone Federal Credit Union

Planning for Retirement

A solid plan can help you prepare for life after work.

Buying a Home | Trusted Life Advice | Redstone Federal Credit Union

Buying a Home

See how you can smooth out the bumps in the road to home ownership.

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