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In order to qualify for a floater policy on new valuables, you must have very recent sales receipts or get professional appraisals of the items you will be insuring. Older valuables may need updated appraisals. Use a generalist if you need the entire contents of your home appraised, a specialist if you own jewelry, silverware, antiques, art work, etc. Find out in advance if you'll be charged a flat fee or by the hour.

To cut costs, organize valuables in advance. Make sure they are clean, accompanied by sales receipts when available, and placed on a table. Explain to the appraiser that the appraisal is being done for insurance and not tax purposes (it makes a difference). Ask the appraiser to note the condition, age, size, and value of the objects.

For the name of several appraisers in your area, call the American Society of Appraisers at 1-800-272-8258 or visit their Web site at www.appraisers.org.

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