The Buying Transaction

What to Expect After Application

Once you submit your application, it's helpful to be aware of what happens next in the process. Within three days after you submit a completed application, you will receive a package containing the following information:

  • Mortgage Disclosure Statement: This document represents the lender's good faith estimate of your principal and interest charges over the life of the loan you have applied for. This is just an estimate. Your actual costs will most likely be different.
  • Estimate of Settlement Costs: This outlines your estimated loan closing costs based on the loan you have applied for. The estimate is consistent with the lender's experience in handling loans. At your closing, you will receive a summary of all your actual costs.
  • "HUD Guide for Homebuyers": This is a comprehensive booklet for your use as a guide throughout your remaining home buying experience. It is prepared for distribution by the federal government.

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