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Membership Partner Eligibility

A Redstone membership includes countless benefits, such as outstanding member service, competitive rates, and customized financial advice. As a business owner, employer, or leader of a club or organization, you can offer these valuable benefits to members of your group—absolutely free!

When your business or organization becomes a Redstone Membership Partner, your employees and members will be eligible to join Redstone. You’ll open the doors for them to enjoy all that Redstone has to offer, and you’ll have the opportunity to promote your business to more than 500,000 loyal Redstone members.

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• Endeavor

• Endeavor Plus

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• Endeavor Savings

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• Commercial Real Estate 

• Small Business Administration (SBA)

• Lines of Credit

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• Business Insurance

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• Redstone Discounts!®

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• Employee Benefits 

How to qualify

To be a Redstone Membership Partner, your business or organization needs to have at least 5 employees or members and be located within 25 miles of any Redstone branch location. That's it!

Do you Qualify?

Don’t miss out! Join more than 1,600 other local businesses and organizations that offer Redstone membership, and start helping your employees live brighter today! Submit your application to become a Membership Partner today

“As a small-business owner, Redstone eligibility is a great perk we can offer our staff members. Plus, we’ve also gained lots of loyal customers through our partnership with Redstone by offering Redstone Discounts!®—by far our most successful promotion.”

Liz Boley

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Redstone Membership Partner since 2014

Must be a current RFCU member to open a business account. Must be eligible for membership and open a share savings account to become a member. A $5 minimum balance is required to open a share savings account and must be maintained in the share savings account at all times. Age and other restrictions may apply.

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